Discover the True Cause of Your Ailment

Holistic Approach 2 Health

….provides complementary and alternative health care as a Natural Health Consultancy. It is run by professional Naturopathic Nutritionist – Laura van der Velden.

Natural Health Consultants are trained in the detailed workings of the body and its metabolism and many other skills to understand what an individual person needs. These skills include symptom analysis, diagnostic diets and advanced (lab) testing.

I’ll explain:

  • How your illness may have started
  • Design a tailor-made nutrition & health program
  • Guide you through it
  • Adapt if necessary and
  • Work through any problem that may arise

As your personal medical detective, I’ll help you….

  • Take control of your health
  • Gain valuable insights
  • Know what kind of supplements you need & why
  • Cook delicious, easy, nutritional recipes for the whole family

A true alternative to ‘temporary relief’

Chronic diseases such as arthritis, IBS, skin problems, migraines, mental health, asthma, high blood pressure, children’s ailments like glue ear and ADHD and women’s hormonal problems cannot be cured by conventional medicine, which relies on palliative (temporary relief) treatments.

On the other hand, many people have gained long-term relief by following the advice of a natural health consultant.



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